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How The Cocktail Bus Came To Life

History of The Cocktail Bus

Our owner Big Al: it’s is a nickname that has lasted through the years, when some of the unusual vehicles I’ve owned may have not been so enduring; I used to drive a vintage hearse – not as morbid as it sounds I promise! Time spent travelling outback Australia with its many drive-ins, originally was to lead to the establishment of a drive through bottle shop in the UK. Plans of course change so my passion for exquisite food, delicious cocktails and craft beers has culminated in the The Cocktail Bus you see today.

The business

At The Cocktail Bus we think of ourselves as ‘purveyors of premium’. What more natural synthesis than classic British engineering, exquisite drinks and top class service? This is the concept behind our unique retro style statement bar.

The bar

The quest for the perfect bar project was a painstaking one. Big Al spent many months searching for a truly unique and characterful vehicle which could be transformed into a unique bar offering. In our Leyland Tiger Cub bus, he found it.

Polished to a shine

The Tiger Cub bus has been lovingly and painstakingly restored by a team of design and engineering professionals. No thought has been left untapped, no expense spared, in the quest to create a premium cocktail bar with a story to tell. The Tiger Cub bus provides an exquisite blast from the past, and a unique talking point.

The future

Looking ahead, the story certainly doesn’t stop here though. The Cocktail Bus team have plans to restore and refit several one-off unique bars, and to roll them out nationwide, delivering our premium service brand to the nation.

Big Al's Drive In Bus